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You may write about anybody you believe is successful or has made an impact in society. The main objective would be to create a vivid image of the subject, highlighting their areas of accomplishments and how their work has impacted society.

As with the historical profile, there is no need to dwell on the total life history of your subject. Concentrate on a specific angle and delve deep to bring out interesting aspects about your profile.

Preliminary research from autobiographies, biographies, newspapers and the internet is important to get some basic information about your subject before arranging an interview. Contact the subject by phone or letter. Let the person know what the information will be used for and how long the interview will take. Arrange a time when the interview is convenient for the person you want to profile.

Before meeting the subject for the interview, make arrangements to obtain photographs from the subject, and prepare the interview questions based on the preliminary research initially conducted. Ask for permission to tape the interview to ensure that correct quotes are used. Quotes often bring your contemporary profile to life, and makes the article more interesting.