You don't have to be an accomplished writer to submit a story to the OBHS. In fact, it is not the quality of your writing that matters, but the story you tell that is important.

We are looking for stories with historical or contemporary perspectives or basically, anything interesting that has happened in your life.

Make sure your name is on the submission. List the title of your story and if possible, the time frame you are writing about e.g. 1950 - 1960 or 1970 - 1980

The stories submitted on this website have not been historically certified as accurate. The Ontario Black History Society accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or content of the stories published.

Your stories sought are intended to educate and enlighten those who read them. All we ask is that you do not submit anything meant to degrade anybody or culture. Such stories will not be published.


The list below will guide you, but it is up to you what you write about.
Submit your story to with the heading "Your Story website Submission"

Thank you

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